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Preface of Dr. Karl Eugen Huthmacher, Head of Division 7 " provision for the future - Research for Basic and Sustainability " at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges, the world is facing today . In many regions  extreme natural events accumulate that can be interpreted as indicators for future climate conditions. Also, the pressure on the ecological system of the earth and the global loss of biological diversity are increasing. In contrast, there is a growing world population with almost nine billion people in the need of food, work and energy. Here we must be active in order to create and maintain decent living conditions. Research and innovation can make important contributions in addressing these challenges. Hence the research area called "climate / energy" is an important part of the high-tech strategy of the German government .

For climate change mitigation
, energy policy and climate change adaptation, not only new knowledge and new technologies are required. Rather, the necessary innovations here and transformation processes also require extensive financial commitment. Investments for the global transformation of energy systems are expected to double by 2030 and to tripple by 2050. This raises new issues of funding - and insurance - and requires appropriate structures. Players in the financial and insurance industry thus become key partners for the realization of innovations - especially for climate change mitigation.

The project "Climate Change, Financial Markets and Innovation
(CFI ) " focuses on these interdependencies. The goal of this project was to build a bridge between research and innovation to highlight private finance , particularly in the area of climate research. The final report shows impressively how this has been achieved for two fields: The needs of climate information by the financial industry and its use could be analyzed. In addition, studies articulate the needs, barriers, and possible actions regarding the financing of innovation in for climate change mitigation. In that respect, the report is characterized by a balanced approach between research and practice. The results presented, highlight ways to improve climate change mitigation. It is already today very clear: This approach requires all partners, i.e. politics, scientists , public institutions, industry and finance, working together.

Objectives and the results

CFI project was supported by PT DLR .